Friday, January 29, 2010

Are You Ready For The Rebirth

My Cash Money Young Money Label mate Lil Wayne will be performing on the Grammy’s this Sunday and is shooting a video for, “Drop the World,” with Eminem. Rebirth is suppose to be Dropping Soon. CMB/YM


Anonymous said...

CNT W8.!!! <3 WEEZY F. BABY (Please say the Baby) is the BEST -- LOOKING FORWARD 2 C what else he has in store for ppl like me, who look up to DMC 4 so MANY DIFFERENT reasons.!

~ ta3

Hoody said...

i thought it was out already cause i got it and its the shit!!!!! tweet @hoody504

Hoody said...

ground zero remix with tyga(cool)
Runnin wit shanel(da mothafucka shit)
paradice (cool)
on fire(da shit)
Da Da Da(da da da daaaaa now BASS!!!!!)(the shit)
Ill die for you(cool)
but mostly the whole good and its different

christian said...

hell yeah im ready for that joint...that shit gonna be "On Fire" lls....i fucks with the whole YMCMB ya niggas is tight....flowin like rivers and shit lol....get at your boy J.Hero me and my group on a come up just getting started...keep up the good work YMCMB

Anonymous said...

What's a rebirth? I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not ready for the rebirth. One thing I am ready for is a new president though!!! shit! My bad .....

Tasha Tattle said...

Amazon did Wayne dirty with this one smh.
I hope he adds some new tracks to this as most have already leaked.
Good album though... love it!
You got to respect Wayne's work ethic... its crazy
YM/CM, you guys are taking over!

Travis said...

I already copped a couple track that leaked, I AM NOT FEELING IT! I don't like the rock&roll Wayne or the syzzzrup Wayne, I liked no ceilings I miss his squad days! But he's on another level right now, I don't like the level but at the sametime Luda dropping and T. I. Dropping soon, Wale and J Cole holdin Hip-Hop down right now, and Greenlight2 still in heavy rotation -Maddgifted

Erika said...

Its always exciting to hear what Wayne has in store for the hip/hop community.

Anonymous said...

OBAMA = One Big Ass Mistake, America!

Anonymous said...

LIL WAYNE has the dopest voice.. I always go crazy when I hear it..

but Mr. sexy *BOW WOW* follow me on twitter cause I said so ;) @CherinHabibi I gotta tell u sumthin... I'm not givin up until u do ;) xxx

Retro_Kidd said...

hell yea i love Dwayne Carter <3 lolz

reshma said...

cant wait

Black Diamond said...

I will have to hear the album first before I form an opion on the album. I must say that " She's on Fire" song is hot I love it.

But in all honesty I was not feeling the Carter III album at all it was a hot mess too besides a few tracks I actually liked. I miss the old Wayne before he got too hooked on the syzurppp.

Now the first Carter album was that s**t! But I must say I respect his grind and his hustle. He seems like a very smart business minded man but he really need to leave the drug's alone before it takes over his life or take his life away!!

~Black Diamond 904~

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