Thursday, January 28, 2010

Avatar "King Of The Box Office"

Fox has released official numbers verifying that “Avatar” has usurped “Titanic” as the top-grossing film of all time.

Through Monday, according to the studio, director James Cameron’s new 3D movie had grossed $1.859 billion globally. His 1998 “Titanic” took in $1.843 billion.

“Avatar” was already the top international grosser of all time, with $1.3 billion in ticket sales through Monday.

"Avatar" is the second highest grossing film domestically, with $555 million in ticket revenue, also through Monday.

With a marginal week-to-week drop of around 20 percent, “Avatar” should overtake “Titanic” ($600.7 million) for the top slot in North America this upcoming weekend. I had the chance to see it in 3D Last night, it was crazy.


Black Diamond said...

Still have'nt sceen this movie yet..It looks like it will be very good. My nieces and nephews have sceen it and they love it, they know all the characters names. The animation is incredible.

Tasha Tattle said...

Boooo... i still haven't seen it yet.
I've heard it is really good though!

Pretty Brown Eyes* said...

ugggh when i seen avatar in the movies i was amazed loved it. now thats a huge step far as taking the top spot from titanic titanic was major i mean major plus it was a true story,but all the side-effects and animation,green lights for avatar doesnt compare.

reshma said...

its a gr8 movie

nicollettemayo said...

I happen to like the movie it keep me interested it was a movie you had to really pay attention to to understand

Laís said...

Its the big film.. I liked..
Imagine the day when I completed 2 years of dating we went to the cinema and watched avatar, my boyfriend wanted to see and I n? The by? M after watching the movie I fell in love and he hated it. More was nice, we enjoyed the presen? To one another.

Laís said...

You is very very cat.. ! I love your music.
He's my L.O.V.E.
Kisses Laís

Anonymous said...

Great MoVie!!!! Bow keep stuntin on these niggas my guy...G2 G2 G2

Tifa said...

This movie is wonderful. I had the chance to see it like 2 months ago, on IMAX. It was pretty awesome <3

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