Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Kobe Passes Jerry West"

He was appreciative after passing Jerry West to become the Lakers' all-time scoring leader, calling it a "great honor," but is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's all-time NBA mark a possibility?

Time will be the final judge, as always, but Bryant said he would "probably" be able to do it.

Bryant, 31, has 25,208 points in his 14th season. Abdul-Jabbar had 38,387 in 20 seasons before retiring a few months before his 42nd birthday.

"He's going to play a long time," West recently said of Bryant. "Most of the players who scored 25,000 points, they were 22 years old when they started. He was obviously 18 when he first got started. It wouldn't surprise me to see him score in the 30,000s. But health is an issue and age. There's one opponent you can't defeat and that's age. (Pause.) He will try that, by the way."

Bryant said he could catch Abdul-Jabbar "if I play that long, probably. We'll see how my body feels."

Bryant was unfailingly polite in thanking West after the Lakers' 95-93 loss Monday against the Memphis Grizzlies. Bryant broke West's record of 25,192 on a fastbreak dunk with 4:14 left in the third quarter.


Marie said...

I'm VERY PROUD of Kobe, I still can't believe he's 31. I sound old, lol, I'll be 23 next week! I've been a Lakers fan FOREVER and will continue to be because of him. The question is, when is Bow Wow going to try out for the NBA?? I'd love to see that!

nicollettemayo said...

Kobe is my boy and the lakers did there thing last year as I perdicted. Kobe is talents at irs best. Kobe Lebron lol

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