Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bow wow & Ice Cube Myspace "Artist on Artist

Bow Wow and Ice Cube Artist on Artist Interview

Artist on Artist | MySpace Video


nine said...

Hey Shad you're the BEST

Nicholas said...

Man after months of waiting, the day of premiere is slowly approaching us. I've already picked a bunch of friends that we're all gon to the cinema to watch the movie and we're all excited.
2 days to go baby!

Adelia said...

funny to watch :)
I hope that Lottery Ticket will come out in European theaters soon!

fae_morot said...

someone is getting a text on their Iphone! ;D

Marie said...

Wow! It's got to be wondeful to work with someone you've looked up to for years!!! 2 more days, so excited! How can your faithful fans on this blog and more get a lottery ticket t-shirt??? I LOVE YOU

DatzREIN said...

#LuvIt :D I wanna See The Movie Like Umm... ... ...NOW!!! XD

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