Sunday, August 1, 2010

Exclusive clip from the "Who is Shad Moss Project" Coming Soon

Bow Wow Lebron James The Decision Reaction from Bowwowtv on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

hahah gotta love that reaction!
thats what i do when my lakers bring home the championship
can't wait to see the whole thing! <3

Marie said...

HAHAHAH @ that slow mo! That's freakin hilarious! I think the only thing to top that scream is watching you do the GANGSTA GRANDPA on your ustream! I can't wait for this project! Too exciting! oh yeah, GO LAKERS!!!! LOVE YOU

kashdoutchiqks said...

Hahahaha.. Bow 2 funny... He was suppa Loud.. But You gotta Love Him... Ant aint have nothin 2 say he was lookin to shocked..lolz

jkillah16 said...

i was the same damn way... but i was more of shocked!!!

diego said...

Bow Wow u are very funny!!! HAHAHAHAHA''

@BowWow_Fans ( FANS BRAZIL )

Anonymous said...

carolyn said...

are u looking for any models or promotion models

Anonymous said...

lmaoo! that was funny

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

btw good luck with Angela. What a bitch.

bitchMODE said...

Lmfao, what the hell bow!
hahaha, you damn there jumped through the roof when you heard that, lol!

& to drakelover... BITCH get the fuck outta here with that hatin shit FOREAL! pussy ass nigga dont come on bow's blog talkin shit, thinkin you hard you BUM ASS BITCH! i been a bow wow fan & i aint finna let NO BITCH ASS NIGGA or WEAK ASS BITCH talk shit to him! what the fuck bitch. go choke on drake's dick & die! supid ass muhfucka. BOW CAN DO WHAT EVER THE FUCK HE WANT , YOU FUCKIN PUSSY ASS BITCH! get yo ignorant ass the fuck outta here with that negative ass energy BITCH! thank you ;)

-- anyways, i love you bow wow :)

ai81523 said...

haha that's funny!

Adelia said...

hahahaha you're crazy!
cant wait till the whole documentary comes out.. i hope my question made it into the "Ask Shad" part.
Keep doing your thing! ppl always gonna hate cuz they cant have it, they dont want you to smile.. we got you back! loveeee :)

Anonymous said...

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trenaty said...

lol tht was fnny

I Am Shalinda said...


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