Monday, August 23, 2010

"Lottery Ticket" Box Office Surpriser

E! Reports....

You may be surprised.
Pound for pound, the winner among the box office's new movies was Lottery Ticket. Reputation-wise, the loser was Aniston, whose The Switch grossed more per theater than Vampire Sucks, did better than its eighth-place ranking indicates, but that you're going to think bombed anyway.

Overall, Vampires Suck ($12.2 million) was the top new movie. Since debuting Wednesday, the $20 million Twilight spoof has grossed $18.6 million domestically.

Moving down through the standings, Lottery Ticket, the $17 million Bow Wow comedy, sold more tickets per theater than any Top 10 movie, including Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables ($16.5 million; $64.9 million overall), which enjoyed a second straight weekend at No. 1. Ranking-wise, Lottery Ticket placed fourth, with $11.1 million.

• The Expendables, $16.5 million
• Vampires Suck, $12.2 million
• Eat Pray Love, $12 million
• Lottery Ticket, $11.1 million
• The Other Guys, $10.1 million
• Piranha 3D, 10 million
• Nanny McPhee Returns, $8.3 million
• The Switch, $8.1 million
• Inception, $7.7 million
• Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, $5 million


Amy said...

I absolutely loved the movie... u are #1 to me.

Letty said...

that's great! :)

lightbrowneyes2 said...

We did great Bow..There is nothing too hard for God. The movie was great! Now on to Madea's Happy Family. You have yet another stripe on your shoulder. I am very proud of all of your accomplishments. You are a young man and there are so much more instore for you. Who said:; The Sky is the limit' when there are footprints on the moon? go for it babe. You can do all things through Christ that strengthens you..September 1 G3 yes..I love you Bow and you are always in my prayers. Follow me please on twitter. You would make my heart super happy..I support you 100% and nothing less. Always remember the FROG Huh? Yes the FROG Forever Rely On God...Smooches :)

Marie said...

I think I wanna see it again! When I get the dvd I can watch it over and over but why wait? SO PROUD! Btw, picked up mens health mag; WHY did I buy a $5 magazine that I will never read? Three Pictures of Shad Gregory Moss :) I LOVE YOU

Coranda Michelle said...

You did wonderful Bow! You're my inspiration! You're the reason for me starting a blog. BTW check it out:

Adelia said...


sexymama4bw aka Rana said...

man Bow this movie was the shit! this was by far the best movie u have done! i enjoyed it, i loved it! u looked hella sexy in it. just for the record, i hate them 2 girls, hoodrats! lol but damn u were juicy, as always! :) the movie was great, from start to finish, i really loved it! ur acting grew on me, but i dont want to see u leave the music business. i love ur music, and i cant live w/out it. u can continue to act, cuz i knw u love it and u chose it over music, another 2-3 yrs u said, but please reconsider the music. i need to hear u threw ur raps. i love u, God Bless you, and great job! excellent, congrats baby! YMCMBLBW GANG!!!!! SOSODEF I LOVE YOU, RANA OH

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

sophie said...

bow wow i love you so so so much u r the greatest ever in the hold world and always will be i love your movie lottery ticket you have allways been a good acter since you where lil what i love about this movie that it is the best i have ever seen and has great grafixs in the movie and i just love you as a person i love your character in the movie you can do anything bow wow the hole worlds yours you are super gifted i want to be a singer and my name is sophie stokle and i just want is so bad and if my dreams come true i woulod love to meet you bow wow you are my star love you until infinity evry one has got to see this movie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

bowwowrulz said...

I finally saw lottery ticket i LOVE IT!!! on the net but it hasn't been out in australia yet someone help does anyone know when it is coming out in Australia.... i hope it does

UK Prize said...

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