Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bow Wow "Young Rich & Dangerous"

Bow wow "Young Rich & Dangerous" Directed By @Mynameisrico


Dres said...

Bowwwwizzle!!! I need this on my ipod ASAP! Shitt go tooo hard... Somebody please tell me bowwezzzy aint the realist!

Marie said...

ya know what, Dres is right, putting on my ipod when I'm done...shot a video in the unfinished part of the basement...CLASSIC! I'm lovin this one; it kinda has an old school feel to it. Who's idea was it for the camera to do this funky slow mo thing, you,Rico or a collabo? I felt it, like I was dizzy or contact high! haha smoking is bad. But you know what, nothing you (Gregory)do will turn me away, "loyalty's a must, we a empire, for one another we ride or die like ruff riders...I'M BY YOUR SIDE" I LOVE YOU <3

D.Hatchett said...


D.Hatchett said...

Please check out the link bro . I appreciate it .

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