Saturday, July 2, 2011



Kaymarie said...

Dear Shad, you will truly be a great father...I will stand by you through whatever. Just because you had a baby does not make you any less of a man in my book. It was a blessing in disguise and I know your daughter will appreciate the fact that your trying to keep her OUT of the media. They are cruel and rude and its no place for a child. As for you, you are truly a inspiration to many young adults...the struggles you go through and instead of taking the easy way out you stood tall and took on your obstacles...You are soo amazing and you will always be awesome in my eyes. Can't wait for your next album to drop!!! Or movie for that matter...just keep your head up and pray. I know this is soo cliche but God doesn't give you more than you handle. Well that's all



deborah said...

This music bow wow about sex is not for the kids of to days greantion or tomorrow you have to meanies mothers dadsand ever kids that look up to you,You should thank about the music first before you post it,You don't want to bring a bad rip on yourself.

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