Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bow Wow In London On The Westwood Radio 1Xtra Show

Bow Wow's progression over his many years in the industry as a rapper has flourished as well as escalated from strength to strength in a timely fashion , from the early 90's till present you can see and also hear his maturity, knowledge and wisdom within his career and craft, which is why his "Underrated" album is highly and eagerly anticipated. When Bow Wow finally announced his world tour for the album he had to do it big with 50/60 city tour dates BEFORE "Underrated" is released on the 12th June and another tour after its release.
Bow Wow stated "For me its all about bringing underrated awareness to my fans".
For 2012 Bow Wow has already stepped into the year with his "Underrated" album world tour in which he has shown his dynamic, entertaining and melodic sound, so far he has wowed the likes of Japan, Australia, Amsterdam and London (just to name a few).

Here are 2 clips of him in London on the Westwood radio show talking about his current tour,new singles (from the album), new videos and collaborations as well as family life and Bow Wow reveals one of his favourite tracks from the "Underrated" album.

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Marie said...

Wait, BOW'S NOT writing these anymore? that sucks...still love this though so I'll continue to comment and support! There's like 2 more clips that need to be on here (the FREESTYLES) LOVE YOU BOW <3

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