Friday, March 23, 2012

Underrated June 12th

Bow Wow is set to drop his 8th album at only 25 years old on June 12th. Even though he had many delays, Bow said He's ready and not scared of nothing. "Im ready" he said. "It took me 3 years to make this album. It took for me to have a daughter and go through real life shit in order to be inspired to make music with substance and life to it". Bow Wow will also kick off his U.S. Underrated Tour run here in the states in May. With features from Lil Wayne Busta Rhymes Wiz Khalifa Jadakiss Tyga Meek Mill Chris Brown plus more.. should make this album a classic, only if Bow can come through and deliver. He also explained his plans for after album. "People know my strategy". "I will concentrate more on film" he said "I've been doing that since i was 13 damn near jus as long as i've been rapping. I told my momma by age 30 i dont ever want to have to work. So thats what im setting up for. How many young cats you know can retire at 30"? im tryna be the first and to get it done the right way plus my daughter turning 1. Its time to go play daddy for a lil while. Take care of her make sure my family is good and be there for her. This rap shit keeps me away from my baby she'll be the reason i set the mic down for good". When asked if "Underrated" will be the last one he said "I dont know. I mean it feels that way. In my gut i feel like this is it but i really dont want to say". Guess we will wait and see June 12th when it drops.


Prince James said...

Can't wait Bow you my nigga I been rocking with you since the very first Album.

Aiimii BOO said...


cybil 101 said...

bow wow z the real G not that fake ass niggar Solja boy

BadChickNay said...

Can't wait Until Underrated drops!

BadChickNay said...

You Already know your B.Leaders gone support you no matter what.
Gonna cop 3 or 4 copies of Underrated, deff gonna be front row of the concert u will have here in NY..Its all luv! #BowWowNation All Day!

Marie said...

RETIRE? HA! It's in your blood, I doubt you can stay away! But, Shai is a GREAT reason; focus on life with her <3. Although, she can come WITH you on tour when she's a little bit older! ANYWAYZ, so EXCITED for the album, we've been waiting for YEARS! JUNE 12TH!!!!!!! LOVE YOU

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